transparent The 51st Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan
[ Japanese ] 第 51 回日本生物物理学会年会
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Symposium list

  • ASB-BSJ Bilataral Symposium 2013.

  • Molecular mechanism of light-driven water oxidation: photosystem II and artificial photosynthesis.

  • Exploring mechanisms of emerging order in multicellular systems: cross-talk between moving cells and microenvironment.

  • Advanced single molecule sequencing system.

  • Asking the dynamic origins of life: how random fluctuations turn into biological motions?.

  • Frontier of functional nucleic acids toward elucidation of biological events and nucleic acid medicine.

  • Rhodopsin Research: Past, Present and Future.

  • Developments in constructive approach towards cell synthesis.

  • Transient macromolecular complexes involved in multilevel biological phenomena.

  • Information Dynamics in Biological Systems.

  • Integrative structural biology and biomolecular SAXS.

  • Challenges to in vivo biophysics.

  • Structure, dynamics, and function of nucleosomes and chromatin in nuclear crowded environment.

  • Single Ion Channels updated: From elementary process to disease treatment.

  • The Exploration of the design principle of biomolecular robots based on biophysics.

  • Reconstitution of life phenomena in a designed reaction field: Synthetic biology approach to Biophysics.

  • Colorful plant light-perceptive proteins.

  • Biophysical views in structural cell biology.

  • Cutting-edge optical imaging approach to neuroscience -From single molecule to in vivo-.

  • Biophysics toward In Vivo work.

  • Biological functions derived from cooperation of a small number of molecules.

  • Roles of Membrane Interface in amyloidogenesis.

  • Featured lecture of Howard Berg and dancing supramolecular motility machineries.

  • The Points in Bio-Raman Research.

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