Please contact Professor Ogata if you are interested in joining in our bioinformatics laboratory.

Potential Grad Students

Our laboratory is associated with two graduate schools of Kyoto University. Potential graduate students (Master/2 years or Doctor/3 years) will have to be qualified for admission to one of the following two graduate schools.

These two graduate schools organize their entrance exam independently.
Please check the following web pages for the deadlines of application and the dates of entrance exam, although we strongly recommend you to contact us first.

Very approximatively, the admission processes by the graduate schools are yearly scheduled as below.

Graduate school of Science Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Master Doctor Doctor Master† Master† Doctor Master†/Doctor
Application Jul Jan Jun Jul Jan Nov Aug
Exam Aug‡ Feb Aug Aug‡ Feb Nov Sep
Enrollment Apr Apr Oct Apr Apr Apr Oct

† It is generally recommended that the applicants have stayed at least six months as a research student (see below) in the laboratory prior to application to the Doctor or Master programs. The six months stay is indeed mandatory for the admission to the Master course of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
‡ These exams are carried out only in Japanese.

Japanese government scholarship

Our laboratory does not provide financial support to research students or graduate students. For those who need financial supports, we strongly recommend applicants to obtain a scholarship by themselves, such as the Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship.

Research students

Graduate student candidates may apply to a research student (“Kenkyu-sei”) status of the Institute for Chemical Research for short stay (usually 6 to 12 months) in our lab before becoming a graduate student. Many of the past students from abroad used this system. This research student system may allow you to familiarize yourself with life in Japan and to prepare the entrance exam of the graduate schools. However, note that a research student status does not ensure the admission to the graduate school (regular student status); you need hard work to win the competitive entrance exam.

  • Application for research students starting from October 2024 has been closed.
  • Application for research students starting from October 2025 will be open from October 2024 to December 2024. Entrance examination for the applicant for the research student status will be organized in January-March 2025.


Fees are subject to change. Please refer to relevant offcial pages cited above for update.

Graduate student Research student
Exam fee 30,000 Yen 9,800 Yen
Admission fee 282,000 Yen 84,600 Yen
Tuition fee 535,800 Yen / year 29,700 Yen / month

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