Greeting from Ogata Lab. Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University

Our laboratory is a “bioinformatics laboratory” with much interests in applying “dry – computational” approaches to microbiology.  We are interested in understanding the functioning and evolution of biological systems, at varying scales from tiny microbes up to the Earth’s environment, by leveraging rapidly accumulating big data in life science and integrated bioinformatics approaches. We currently focus on 1) the evolution of giant DNA viruses and their links to the origin of life, 2) the ecological and evolutionary significance of microorganisms in the oceanic ecosystem, and 3) the development of new bioinformatics methods and biological knowledge resources for biomedical and industrial applications. To fuel these research activities, we take part in several environmental sampling campaign such as the Tara Oceans project. Our resource and methodological development are accessible via the GenomeNet service, which is our own effort to make available various bioinformatics tools for genomics to the scientific communities and public.

A recent article about the extended phenotype of Tupanvirus [link].