Research achievements

Laboratory equipment

The motto of Ogata Lab is “Dry TO(と) Wet”: Using bioinformatics as our core competence, we aim to extend our research to the verification stage through experiments and field works. In addition to plentiful computational resources including our supercomputer system, we have a wet lab for nucleic acid extraction, microscopy, and cultivation of microbial and viral samples.

Research Projects

Microbial genomics

  • Giant viruses and jumbo phages
  • Unicellular algae and protists
  • Evolution of genes, genomes and phenotypes

Microbial ecology

  • Marine plankton and viruses; Tara Oceans; Osaka Bay Viromes; Red tide in Uranouchi Bay (Kochi)
  • Microbiomes of intestinal tract

Development of new bioinformatics technologies

  • Automated viral genome classification
  • Gene function prediction

Database and Bioinformatics Tools

Data and software archive

  • FTP: Lab repository