Hiroto Kaneko


Modelling the ecological network of marine microbes based on metagenomes and satellite data.


  • Meng L., Endo H., Blanc-Mathieu R., Hernández-Velázquez R., Kaneko H., Ogata H. Quantitative assessment of NCLDV–host interactions predicted by co-occurrence analyses. mSphere, 6, e01298-20 (2021).
  • Kaneko H., Blanc-Mathieu R., Endo H., Chaffron S., Delmont T.O., Gaia M., Henry N., Hernández-Velázquez R., Nguyen C.H., Mamitsuka H., Forterre P., Jaillon O., de Vargas C., Sullivan M.B., Suttle C.A., Guidi L., Ogata H. Eukaryotic virus composition can predict the efficiency of carbon export in the global ocean. iScience, 24, 102002 (2021).
  • Yoshisa T., Nishimira Y., Watai H., Haruki N., Morimoto, D., Kaneko H., Honda T., Yamamoto K., Hingamp P., Sako Y., Goto S., and Ogata H. Locality and diel cycling of viral production revealed by a 24 h time course cross-omics analysis in a coastal region of Japan. ISME J., 12, 1287-1295 (2018).

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